Mission Statement

It is the Company’s mission to continue to be an industry leader. We are committed to obtaining a high market share for our products and providing 100% Customer Satisfaction after each and every transaction while producing a profit level to secure our future.

To accomplish this we will provide our employees with a positive work environment, competitive wages, fair and equitable treatment, excellent benefits and the opportunity to excel so that they can feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in their work. We will provide our customers with superior products at fair prices and the highest level of service possible, ensuring their desire to do business with us now and in the future.

It is our belief that the success of our mission lies with our employees. Only through our employees can our customers receive the high quality service they rightfully expect. For it is only by having satisfied customers at the end of each and every transaction that we are ensured continued profitability, thereby securing the Company’s future, as well as that of our employees.

History of Hector

In 1912, Hector Turf was established as a farm implements and supply company in Miami, Florida. Over the years, the Company expanded and began manufacturing its own line of fertilizers, distributing them and other allied products to the agricultural market, local wholesale suppliers and area golf courses.

In the mid 1940’s, the Toro Company established Hector Turf as one of its privately owned Master Distributors of Commercial turf equipment. Our product line continued to expand over the years as we added irrigation and consumer products to our Toro line and we later added other manufacturers’ products such as Club Car, Foley, and Salsco.

In May 1982, James Mantey purchased Hector Turf from the Hector family. In 1987, he moved our entire operation to Deerfield Beach, Florida placing us nearer to the geographic center of our domestic service territory (Vero Beach to Key West). From this facility we also export our products and provide support services in Panama, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and the rest of the Caribbean islands. In 2022, Wesco Turf acquired Hector Turf. Hector Turf’s 50+ associates joined the Wesco Turf team. The two companies market under two brands: Wesco Turf in Central/North Florida and southern Georgia and Hector Turf in the territory mentioned above. The corporate headquarters for the combined entity will reside in Sarasota, FL, operating as Wesco Turf, Inc. Our customer base includes golf course properties, resorts, sport fields, municipalities and a network of independent dealers throughout our extended service territories.

Hector Turf is a factory authorized service center for all of the products we sell. We have a team of factory trained service technicians who provide repair services at our facility and who travel throughout our territories providing on location services. We host a variety of service schools and design seminars throughout the year for our golf courses, contractors, architects and dealers.

Focusing on our principle business as a wholesale distributor of top quality outdoor power equipment and irrigation products, we are continually in search of ways to help the turf industry grow while protecting the natural environment of South Florida and our community. We are committed to providing the highest level of quality service and support to our customers and the communities we service with an emphasis on long-term relationships and value-added services.

Distributor Awards and Recognition 

  • 2017 Best in Commercial
  • 2017 Service Leader
  • 2016 Best in Commercial
  • 2015 Best in Commercial
  • 2012 Top Service Team
  • 2010 Best in Commercial
  • 2000 Service Excellence
  • 1996 Service Excellence
  • 1994 Best in Commercial
  • 1990 Distributor of Excellence
  • 1990 Bronze Partners in Excellence
  • 1989 Bronze Partners in Excellence
  • 1985 Silver Partners in Excellence
  • 1984 Best in Commercial
  • 1981 Best in Irrigation
  • 1975 Best in Commercial
  • 1974 Best in Irrigation
  • 1991 Best in Service